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Selenide and Selenides

Diselenide and Diselenides

Some of our pharmaceutical products:
- sodium dibunate
- selenium disulfide (selenium disulphide)
- perseitol (natural)
- barium oxalylsuccinate (barium oxalsuccinate)

We are small research & development scientific Institute. We are not afraid of work with difficult compounds and reactions. We can work with toxic and stench materials. We can work in extremely high and low temperatures. We can work under vacuum and under high pressure.

We make pharmaceuticals and chemicals in laboratory scale from miligrams to some kilograms, sometimes we are able to produce tons of more simple compounds.

We are able to make full synthesis design (project) and we can try it in our laboratories.

We are open to co-operation with academic Clients and also with industrial research Clients.

Finally we can work with wide variety of chemical substances: carbohydrates, metalorganic compounds, heterocycles, heteroacyclic compounds, special inorganic materials, fluorine compounds, sulfur derivatives (mercaptans), aminoacids, chiral compounds, aromatic derivatives etc. We work also using natural sources of rare compounds.

We are proud that we can realize more than 90% of orders for new compounds for our Clients.

We use modern analytical methods such as NMR, IR, HPLC, GC-MS, X-Ray Diffraction and other, so our Clients are sure that they obtain good compound with good quality.

Have you got any problem with synthesis of your designed products? You may try us - we can try solve your problems. We are ready to sign for your security any secrecy agreements. Our outsourcing service is just for your satisfaction because you will obtain new compound with full synthetic technology and you will reduce your costs.

In Poland we have got smart dictum, in original: w zdrowym ciele zdrowy duch - it means to the letter: in healthful body healthful mind...
However in UQF we have created inverse phrase, and now we say: healthful mind can heal a body and it means for us, that the best way to synthesis of new biologically active compounds is use minds of appropriate scientists.

Contact us for co-operation and price offers:
research @

Biochemicals and fine chemicals

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